ORBEON: Crowdfunding And Venture Capital Reinvented

Orbeon is a launchpad that connects real-world businesses directly with the crypto community. Join now and become a VC


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What is Orbeon Protocol

Orbeon protocol is one of the world’s first crypto crowdfunding platforms, that enables users to fractionally invest in some of the most exciting and promising early-stage businesses.

Start-ups will be able to raise funds and engage with their community by offering reward and equity based NFTs. Each investment opportunity will be minted into an NFT and fractionalised, enabling anyone to back and invest in brands they truly believe in starting from as low as $1

The $ORBN utility token powers the Orbeon ecosystem and provides our community with a wide range of benefits.

Orbeon Ecosystem

We are creating an ecosystem that enables businesses and investors to bridge from Web2 to the Web3 world all in one place.

Next Gen Crowdfunding Marketplace

Our Multi-Chain Launchpad will make it possible for projects to raise capital and seamlessly launch on multiple blockchains simultaneously. Creators will be able to raise funds and build a community in the process.

We will also be implementing special rug proof mechanisms to protect our pools of investors


All Your Crypto In One DeFi Wallet

The Orbeon Wallet will enable users to buy, exchange and hold cryptocurrencies and NFT’s all in one place. The Orbeon wallet UX/UI will be high quality and easy to use, offering frictionless Crypto and fiat onboarding to users.

The wallet will be decentralised and offer direct access to the Orbeon marketplace.

Orbeon Swap
Our swap platform enables users to swap a variety of cryptocurrency’s and NFTs. Initially it will be used for private and public token swaps. All private token swaps will only be available to $ORBN token holders. The public swap will be accessible to anybody using the Orbeon Protocol ecosystem.
Orbeon Exchange
Will be the world’s first exchange that allows real-world start-ups and businesses to offer rewards and equity based NFTs to investors. This allows brands to connect directly with their communities and provides token and NFT holders with rewards, passive income and capital gains.
We aim to explore, integrate, and partner with several Web3 virtual worlds and metaverses. Orbeon will pioneer MetaFi and DeFi by focusing on decentralized governance, non-fungible assets, interoperability solutions and virtual augmented reality. We are creating interconnected economies.

Verified And Audited


100% Security by SolidProof

Contract code fully audited by SolidProof and shown to be 100% secure.

Multi-Chain Capabilities

Orbeon Protocol is currently built on Ethereum with plans to bridge to multiple chains for the fastest transaction speeds and cheapest costs.

Polygon will be the second chain for the Orbeon protocol because of its robust infrastructure support.

Solana’s superfast blockchain will be the third chain we will launch on because of its top tier computational capability.

Binance will be the fourth chain we will bridge to because of it’s low transaction fees and its borderless Defi popularity.

$ORBN Token Features


Orbeon token holders will be able to earn exclusive benefits and passive income by staking their tokens. We will operate our staking system on a tiered basis meaning that the benefits and amount of passive income rewarded will dependent upon two main factors, number of $ORBN staked and the duration of time.


The governance of the protocol will eventually move into the hands of the token holders, creating a socially conscious structure. Orbeon token holders will be able to vote on topics such as new upcoming projects, market demographics etc. This approach will put the power and success of the protocol into the community’s hands.


Users will receive discounts on trading fees on the Orbeon marketplace and cashback rewards. The discounts on trading fees will be structured on a tiering system of up to 50% and cashback rewards will be distributed to token holders who are active in the Orbeon marketplace. Cashback rewards will be paid in USDC.

Orbeon Token Distribution

Any unsold tokens from the pre-sale will be automatically burnt and the liquidity pool will be locked for a total of 10 years. The Orbeon development team tokens have been locked for 10 years.

53 %
Exchange listings
15 %
16 %
Development Team
12 %
Legal & Advisors
3 %
Orbeon Foundation
1 %
The total fixed supply of $ORBN will be 888,000,000 and distribution of the tokens will take place once the pre-sales ends.

Pre-Sale Phases

Only 470,640,000 ORBN tokens will be available during the pre-sale

31st Oct – 27th Nov

177,600,000 ORBN tokens available

28th Nov – 27th Dec

106,560,000 ORBN tokens available

28th Dec – 18th Jan

71,040,000 ORBN tokens available

19th Jan – 24th Jan

8,500,000 ORBN tokens available

25th Jan – 2nd Feb

12,000,000 ORBN tokens available

3rd Feb – 5th Feb

11,000,000 ORBN tokens available

6th Feb – 20th Feb

8,140,000 ORBN tokens available

21st Feb – 1st Mar

10,000,000 ORBN tokens available

2nd Mar – 11th Mar

14,000,000 ORBN tokens available

12th Mar – 19th Mar

19,800,000 ORBN tokens available

20th Mar – 26th Mar

17,200,000 ORBN tokens available

27th Mar – 31st Mar

14,800,000 ORBN tokens available

Token Details

Token Ticker:
ORBN To Sell:
31st October – 31st March 2023
Total Supply:
Launch Date:
4th April
Min Launch Price:
Currencies Accepted:
TRX & more

Token Taxes

$ORBN Taxes from UniSwap Launch

Buy 4%
Sell 8%
Liquidity Pool:


Our roadmap details our development goals

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Our Team

Lyubomyr Koval
Lyubomyr Koval


Andrii Korchun
Andrii Korchun


Jenny Butler

Marketing Lead

Mark Chen

Fullstack Developer

Asim Rahman

Fullstack Developer

Chris Steward

Project Advisor

Hanna Petrov

Investor Relations

Marco Rossi



What is Orbeon Protocol?
Orbeon Protocol is as decentralised multi-chain launchpad which will bridge the gap between early-stage crypto investors and the most exciting, promising blockchain projects.
Is there a minimum amount I can invest?
The minimum amount you can purchase is $50 or currency equivalent, the maximum amount you can purchase in one tranche is $250,000.
How do I purchase pre-sale tokens?
ORBN will be available to purchase directly from our website www.orbeonprotocol.com once the presale period has elapsed you will be able to purchase ORBN on UniSwap
What payment methods will be accepted for purchase of ORBN tokens?
A full list of all accepted payment methods is available on the presale dashboard
When will I receive my tokens?
Once the presale has elapsed you will be able to connect your wallet and claim your tokens through the Orbeon dashboard.
Which blockchain network will Orbeon Protocol operate on
Orbeon Protocol is currently built on Ethereum with plans to bridge to multiple chains including Polygon, Solana and Binance Smart Chain
Has the token been audited?
We will be undertaking a audit by Solid Proof
How can I join the Orbeon Protocol community?
You can join our Telegram, Twitter, Discord and Instagram community by clicking the relevant symbols on the bottom banner of our website.
How many ORBN tokens will there be available for sale?
There will be a total of 888,000,000 ORBN available for sale
Where can I find more information on Orbeon Protocol?
If you want any further information on the project our whitepaper is available for you to peruse at your own leisure.